10 Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend

10 Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend

We love our friends, and they really enrich just about every aspect in our lives. For a friend of the opposite sex, it can be a little more tricky. Fortunately for the woman, there’s some signs that she can look for to determine whether the man is actually into her romantically.

  • He calls a lot. He may not call a lot, but there’s the inclination that he calls you more than he does his male friends. Generally, men tend not to call their friends that much. If they do, they are only for about a minute, just to check up or make some pretty quick plans.
  • He talks for a long time during the conversation. This goes perfectly with the first point. Granted, he may be a talker, but he’s probably not that talkative with some of his male friends.
  • He invites you to things where he knows you’re not into. When you are planning to do something, and want someone to accompany you, you usually find like-minded people. They’ll just love it more. When he asks you to attend, say, a sporting event, he’s probably into you. He just can’t get enough.
  • He asks you to a lot of one on one things. When people are hanging out, they usually go by the “more the merrier” rule. It’s a lot more fun to hang out with your favorite personalities at one time, right? It goes the same way for men. If he asks you to something semi-romantic like a dinner, he’s probably into you. Guys like quick meals, anyway.
  • He asks a lot about your dreams. It’s not to say that men do not care about their other friend’s aspirations, it’s just something that doesn’t organically come up in conversation. If he’s asking this question, he’s probably trying to picture himself there, if at all possible.
  • He buys you things. Okay, a cheeseburger isn’t anything huge. But a lot of men like to shower someone that they like with things. This is especially true for the surprise gift, it means that he was thinking of you when you were not around.
  • He does his research. This is not intended to come off as creepy as it may sound. Let’s say that you may have mentioned an artist that you like. Then after a few days, he makes a comment about a song, one of which you didn’t think he’d like.
  • He takes about a quickly failing relationship. This is more of a high school thing, but it still happens. He wants you to know that he’s a great catch, but the other girl does not realize it.
  • He appreciate the things you’re into. This goes back to the research point. He will go out of his way to emerge himself into your world, quickly devouring everything he can for more conversation topics.
  • How he looks at you. This is a little cliche, but women generally know how a guy looks at them if they are really trying to pursue a relationship. Look for the lingering glance.

These tell-tale signs are enough to determine whether if the man you met on adultfrienedfinder is into you or not, and if he exhibits half of them, he wants you to be his.

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