How To Guarantee Success With Women

How To Guarantee Success With Women

This article looks at what women want from a man and provides some pointers on how to approach them offline and progress a relationship with them, whether your initial introduction is on or offline.

So what do women want from men? Primarily they want someone confident who is not prone to emotional indulgence. Women are quick to view certain actions as signs of insecurity and if you pander to their every whim that is how they will choose to interpret your actions. Even if your initial meeting is prearranged I don’t recommend giving her flowers or chocolates or indeed any gift until a relationship is well established. Keep the first date short and simple. Never be the one to initiate anything physical whatsoever and never get emotional. Be decisive, relax and have fun, use your sense of humour.

The most disconcerting aspect of offline dating as opposed to adultfrienedfinder online dating is the initiating approach. If you have to take the initiative in a social venue that’s not been specially contrived for dating sucha as a pub or club then the best initial lines are ones that are straight forward and suggestive rather than ones that are transparent and overt eg. “Hello, you caught my eye over there, may I introduce myself?” rather than “Hey gorgeous can I buy you a drink?”

Once you’ve got over the initial introduction barrier ask her to tell you something about herself. Ask open questions such as what is your favourite holiday destination? Don’t ask questions that require just a yes or no answer and always listen carefully to what she is saying. Discussion of politics and religion and previous relationships is best avoided, by the way also avoid discussing films as tastes in that area seem to be quite polarized between men and women. If you have a life goal share it and convey your passion for it, women will find this to be a very attractive feature.

Finally, don’t obsess about a woman and keep phoning her, let her phone you. Keep busy so there are always other distrations in life to take your mind off women. To summarise: be calm, confident, be yourself and adopt a “plenty more fish in the sea” perspective.

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