Men Like Surprises – Keep them unexpected (but give them often)

Men Like Surprises – Keep them unexpected (but give them often)

The dictionary defines surprise as an unexpected event, and what a better way to keep the spark in the relationship by surprising your man more frequently, but in an unpredictable manner. Men like variety as they tend to get bored quickly, so you must not allow this to happen. You probably cannot create a surprise when the atmosphere and environment is clearly not conducive, and you do not have to be a rocket scientist to get this right.

Giving your man a pleasant surprise can go a long way in affirming that you adore him and that the two of you are just meant to be together. If you are sometimes stuck for what type of surprises to come up with, make sure to be aware of your man’s dreams, beliefs, habits, likes and dislikes. Make a mental picture in your mind and make an informed decision as to what will work best. Maybe you can consider the following;

Change Your Physical Appearance

Men are very physical and sometimes think with their eyes as opposed to their brains. Take note of who his favorite actress is and try to impersonate that person when you go out on your next date. This could take the form of having a similar hair style by hiring a wig. If you are a brunette, then being in the company of a “Marilyn Monroe” look-alike with a blond wig might just make him feel like a celebrity too.

Book An Adrenaline Rushing Excursion

Is your man the outdoor type and much more adventurous than you? Then book an outing that will really surprise him and one that is way beyond your own comfort zone. Think of the first time you met at adultfrienedfinder app login and he was telling you about his fishing expeditions and you replied that you never really took an interest in it. Arrange for a quiet and romantic weekend away where the daytime will be spent on catching fish in a boat or on the riverside. You will have to arrange things discreetly but tell him that you have decided to break the myth that fishing is only for men.

Use Humor

Laughter is not only fun, it will make you feel at ease with your man. How about attending a session at a comedy club where they teach you the basics of being funny. Alternatively, get a book on jokes and pick up three to five of them within his field of interest. Wait for an opportune moment and surprise him with your enhanced sensed of humor. Do not even be afraid of forgetting the punch line. In any case, your man will be so surprised that he will even laugh at the fact that you forgot the punch line.

Surprising your man might not appear as difficult as it seems and by using a little variety in conjunction with some humor and excitement, you’ll be off to a very good start. You cannot have surprises in relationships where your partner do not know the real you. So come out of your shell and show him what you are made of.

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