Sexual barriers increase the sexual tension in an interaction

Sexual barriers increase the sexual tension in an interaction

The same thing goes with push pull as sexual barriers, you don’t want to end on a push or make the barrier so high she won’t try to overcome it.

‘You are really sexy; if I had my way I’d take you home right now, but since I just met you I absolutely can’t. Not in a million years would I sleep with you the first night I met you.’

That isn’t a sexual barrier, it is the Berlin wall; she will have to change an entire political regime just to try to scale it. Try something like this:

‘You are really sexy, I honestly can’t stop thinking about taking you back to my place, even though it seems like we know each other so well, I have to remind myself we only met tonight on adultfrinendfinder.’

This lays down the idea of coming home with you tonight, but also sets a small barrier that makes her want to overcome her own worries about not knowing you well enough and seeming desperate. You just showed her you are worried about the same thing so she won’t feel so bad revealing to you how much she wants to go home with you as well.

Sexual barriers are powerful from the beginning of the interaction to the end. When you want to kiss her you can use this:

‘Honestly I have been looking at your lips for the last ten minutes and can’t stop thinking about kissing you, but all these people are watching so it might have to wait till later.’

All the way to her having last minute resistance to sex:

‘You’re right, we shouldn’t do this. Honestly, it would probably be too much for us both if you felt my hand skirting the top of your jeans sliding down to feel the warm wetness inside your legs. It might just drive us both crazy as I slip my hand inside you and you arch your back writhing in pleasure as you feel yourself getting closer to orgasm.’

Sexual barriers increase the sexual tension in an interaction. They also create a fun flirty vibe that is so important in escalation. Remember that unlike men, women are turned on by the idea of sex much more than the visual component of seeing a hot guy. Most men are turned on instantly if they see a hot woman. Women need the mental component to turn them on. Sexual barriers do that. If you are looking to learn how to escalate an interaction faster, take a risk and start introducing sexual barriers….

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