Speed Dating: An Introduction

Speed Dating: An Introduction

Speed dating can be regarded as a screening method intermediate between the widespread, computerised screening of dating profiles and the extremely localised, haphazard, unsystematic and traditional way of meeting someone in a live situation. Can you tell what someone is like within 5 min of meeting them? I don’t think so but that is not really the point.

The thing about speed dating is that it saves time. It saves time because it formalises meeting people in a methodical and systematic way. It does the very thing you would normally try to do to meet the opposite sex on a normal night out but on a normal night out you do it in an ad hoc, inefficient and possibly inhibited fashion. With speed dating you don’t feel any obligation to continue pleasantries with someone who obviously grates on you. Sadly, because of the sort time over which encounters take place more weight will probably be given to how “attractive” you look like rather than to your personality.

Although with speed adultfrienedfinder app dating you may reject someone who would in fact suit you very well due to a less than optimum initial impression, it is also likely that those who do make a good initial impression upon you would suit you just as well if not better. On the other hand the mechanical, contrived and pressurised nature of the speed dating situation can be ruinous, you may feel as though you are undergoing a succession of job interviews. Just as the advent of dating agencies and online dating received widespread rejection but later became culturally assimilated, the same thing is also happening with speed dating and it will start to seem more natural.

If you are prepared to do it often then speed dating is probably the best way of screening dates in your locality, it can be a great way of removing shyness by providing lots of practice so that you become much more at ease talking to the opposite sex. It’s important not to take rejection personally and as you become inured and habituated to the speed dating situation, every aspect of your speed dating experience should improve. As well as saving you time, speed dating will also save you a lot of money in clubbing expenses. Speed dating will not suit everyone of course. Bear in mind that your personality may be fundamentally incompatible with this approach that is, let’s face it, a very superficial one. It’s worth trying speed dating to see if it suits you.

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