Why You Shouldn’t Pick Up Women In Clubs

Why You Shouldn’t Pick Up Women In Clubs

I have a confession to make to you.

I do not like picking up women in bars and clubs!

Yes, yes, shocking, I know, but let me explain…

See, I’m a lazy bastard.

I like to do the least amount of work possible to get what I want. (Hey, can you blame me?)

That is why I don’t like going to clubs to pick up women.


A few reasons…

Clubs are noisy.

There’s too much cigarette smoke.

There’s a lot of competition.

It’s hard to talk to women in clubs.

As a matter of fact, I prefer to meet women during the day or on adultfrienedfinder, in less stressful atmospheres. I’ve found it’s much easier to meet women this way than in clubs.



Yes, even though I hate it, I still do it.

And there is a very good reason why.

That reason is: Bars and Clubs are the best training ground for learning to meet and pick-up women there is.


No where else will you find such a target rich environment just primed and ready for you to practice your skills.

And when you master the bar and club scene, meeting women during the day becomes INSANELY EASY.

Seriously, it’s like training for the Olympics and then playing in little league.

After all, your ability to meet and date women is a skill, much like knowing how to play basketball well.

The more you practice, the better you get.

That is why I’ve designed a simple, step-by-step bootcamp specifically designed to teach you how best to train yourself to meet beautiful women.

It’s all in my book, The Art Of Approaching.

In it, you’ll learn all the skills you need to become an out-and-out ladies man.

Just click the link below to unlock it’s secrets:

The Art Of Approaching

In it, you’ll be given the tools to really supercharge your love life.

You’ll be glad you did.

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